I asked him so many questions this week and all he had was one sentence answers.  I asked him if he was still a district leader or did he become a zone leader and he said no.  I told him well that works now you have more time to go out and teach.  These were his answers this week.

So im back in south field ward but serving in the south area so detroit and my new companion is elder peterson.   yeah he is great he is from utah and served as my zl when i was in south field before, we do have some investigators this man named ralph and a really cool family we are working with

He let me know he needed a phone as soon as possible.  Most U.S. missions have smart phones now.  Still only access is thru email on p-days but they can get on Facebook and Instagram as they share their testimonies.    There were no pictures this week.
On Thursday of this week, we received a letter from the Detroit Mission Home.  In the letter it stated Dear Elder Whiting, Thank you for accepting the call to serve as the Assistant to the President.  We appreciate your willingness to serve.
I about died.  This kid is A.P. and didn’t even tell us anything.  He is so humble and willing to serve.

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