The Simmons Family

I had posted a video of missionaries coming home and Sis Sara Simmons commented on the post.  She is Zane’s recent convert.  Her whole family got baptized and have been preparing to go to the temple.

This was Sara’s comment,

As a new LDS member…because of meeting some amazing missionaries, one being your son Darcey Whiting and another being your son Katie Peterson, as well as others, I cried because we are so blessed to have them but when they actually go home we will be so excited. They miss their families so much and they work so hard and are such great people. We are so thankful to all of you wonderful people who raised these young men and young women and share them with us. My husband, myself, and my three daughters were living in a life of just existing. The way of the world and some of the people in it just had us so beaten. One night two young men knocked on our door. It was cold and dark and snowing. They had Elder name tags on and I knew a little about Elders so I invited them in to get warm. They were great young men but it was transfer week and they were leaving and we were introduced to Cole Peterson and Zane Whiting who took over from there. They worked with us and taught us and had patience with us. They invited us to a baptism and to church and answered a million questions. They helped us learn the truth and find joy in life again. They helped us become part of our Ward and helped us feel like we matter. Our faith in people was restored and our family stepped into the light again. We thank our Heavenly Father everyday for the missionaries. They change lives. They helped my family become more of a family and less like five people living in the same house. Sorry for the long post, I just want everyone of you to know how blessed people in this world are because of YOUR CHILDREN!!! Also know that we love them too.

She is amazing and I am so grateful that Zane has been able to spend time with them as they continue their conversion.

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