Sept 3rd 2017

Life is great, this week was exciting and really long but good so tuesday we stayed in the hospital basically all night because the elder that lives with us got hit by a tree it legit fell on him, then had two different exchanges and then i was not feeling to well had some weird full body shivers but was really warm and then had a really bad headache but all is well. we didn’t end up balling because it was pouring rain and were going to play outside. the investigators are a struggle no one is coming to church so they arent coming along to well. but we have found some new ones and are hoping for the best, the weather is getting cooler so i need to look for a jacket that isnt as big as my others for when its in the 40s and 50s so im not sweating underneath. we are biking a little now but not to much. food was good not from members but ended up good the kroger delivery was interesting some random lady just knocked on the door and started emptying some cooler bags on our front porch but it worked great. man football is wild i miss it i keep hoping this high school im by will have a home game but they never do.

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