Sept 17th 2018

So we are trying to get it down to 1 or 2 emails so everyone isnt messaging back and forth all day because its been a distraction for the mission. This week was good we spent mostvof our week with Elder Dyches a visiting general authority so that was pretty cool lots of revelation recieved it was great to meet him.

The ohio area is doing well they are finally adjusted and fully intergrated into the mission
Um we havnt had to do anything super crazy for president but just helping him out with meetings and etc. The Simmons are doing great Tony is working to get a better work schedule to come to church more frequent but they are great! And i havent been feeling well i came down with some crap, but i have been taking stuff.
So for school i still want to study exercisce science and kinesology so.. if thats the same as sports medicine then yes. And if possible maybe a few courses in business maybe… not sure yet.
Sounds like a good week! Im not sure if we need anything, wait i could use some hair product. Hmm and otherwise in not sure. Love ya lots

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