Sept 17th 2017


I’m doing good this week was kinda wild i had 3 exchanges so kinda crazy but also a good time. we were able to meet lots of people and actually not do to much pounding the pavement, not quite yet but its alright it gives me more time to be flexible with investigators.  My comp  is doing good but going through a lot, and the other two are good. transfers will be next week so i will know next time i email but i guess not exactly where but we are getting a little low on food well we will shop today of course. so not sure maybe food but i dont know. this week we had some miracles of meeting some really great people who listened to the message we had to share and want us to come back but not sure results are pending. we are kind of in a lull with investigators but we got it. washing clothes isnt bad we have a washer and dryer in the apartment. yeah i took my suits to be cleaned . besides that we have been working and a member of the 70 came out and instructed us on how we can improve and bless these peoples lives but all is well love and miss ya. 

Sometimes you just have to have some fun.

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