October 1 2018

Im doing great and living it up we have been all over the place this week with meetings but we still have been working with some amazing people! Its been such a blessing some of them are Randal and Mea please pray for them satan is trying to throw everything at them! Also we are working with some other really dope people! Also we had our new missionary training this week which went amazing i love the fire the new missionaries have its crazy to think that its been a long time since that was me but that was great! The weather is starting to get pretty cold we have been in the 50s all week and its been pretty rainy but it is actually really nice! Um i have worked out a little here and there but definitely need to be more consistent my body feels good for the most part besides my knees they have been hurting but also i have been breaking out when i exercise no real hives just real red and itchy and its been the worst on my face. I did get the package the cookies weren’t bad but tasted a little off bit its okay and jackies note was crazy wild that is super exciting!!! Otherwise not to much going on just trying to do what i need to!!! I’m excited for general conference and i possibly could be going to a new area at transfers so it is a busy time.

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