Oct 27th 2018

So I had an accident… well here in Toledo we have some pretty narrow streets yet people love to still park or try to park on the sides so… I was driving and trying to find an address so I was looking at the houses and drifted over a bit and then I was about 10 ft from a parked car so I tried to adjust back to the other side of the lane and I hit the back left corner of there car. I’m feeling fine so that’s all good, I haven’t lost any driving privileges yet at least but I have to go to court this week on thursday but I really don’t know what for so we will see. Our vehicle is pretty banged up but still drivable there’s was fine really. The rest of the week went pretty good we stayed busy and stuff we are working with some cool people especially this family so I am excited! Training is really weird this time preparing to go home and he is just starting out also just trying to help him understand all the things I have learned it’s just tough but it’s going well! Sounds like football had some real ups able some real downs but it’s good to hear. Love ya


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