Oct 10, 2017


so this week was kinda crazy lots of things happened lots of up and downs so as of the last time i talked to you i have a new companion and tons of things have happened but its been great and we have someone preparing themselves to be baptized the 21st.   My comp is elder cook. Elder Amoah is in that picture we went on exchanges on my birthday, i did get the packages and a tie from the terry family not sure.. is that like the terrys as in todd… but it is awesome cant wait to keep getting people into the water.

When I told him it was from Todd’s family he said “can you please tell the Terrys thanks so much!! THE TIE IS AWESOME”


I asked him if someone made him a cake and his response was no I wish someone had made me a cake.  I bought it.  Birthdays are hard on a mission.  We did send him some packages and thank you to everyone that emailed him

Fall leaves!

Icing his sprained ankle.

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