November 26th 2017

im doing good, this week was a little rough but its ok i did end up eating at multiple places, and i did play a little football, the weather is about 40 everyday. Elder Cook is ok but unfortunately i have been very irritated with him lately, the other elders are doing good! are investigators are doing good and one has a baptismal date for this upcoming Saturday. the single lady was the daughter of our ward mission leader. sounds like an awesome thanksgiving and you ran under an hour which is great. love ya
After asking what was going on he replied
its just been a little slow we are working with lots of awesome people and do good stuff but i just have lost some fire or just seem a little burnt out basically im just being ungrateful for all the miracles i am seeing, and today is one of the few days on my mission i wish i was back home. Elder Cook is fine we just function very differently he has actually improved a lot in the last few weeks but it just seems we are always working in opposite directions, im really just being a turd and dont know how to change it. food was great for thanksgiving didnt eat anything weird or seemed weird to me you probably would have thought it was weird because i didnt just eat meat and bread would have shocked you all!  just he district a little 3 on 3 i miss it but i dont know if i will ever get back in good enough shape again my body doesn’t seem to be a big fan of me lately.
yeah but it is crazy i can list so many things i am grateful for i dont ever think i have been able to recognize all the blessing i have i just feel i take advantage of them to much or dont respect it, i see more miracles and the lords hand each day then i did probably most my life it is amazing to be out here but right now im getting my butt kicked with frustration.
At the end of the email he sounded much better.  This just shows that all missionaries have moments where they feel like they are not doing all they can.  Satan is fighting hard to make people feel like failures.  However we are on the Lord’s side and he is there cheering us on everyday.  This was his first Holiday away from home and it was hard on both of us.

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