MOMS ARE GREAT – May 15th 2017

I just realized today that I hadn’t put anything on the blog since April 10th.  So this morning I set and updated the last 5 weeks.  It is great to go back and read what he has been doing.  Love this son of mine.

Walking the soles right out of his shoes.  He said he didn’t realize that there was a hole until us stepped in a puddle and his sock got drenched.

It was a great weekend being able to talk to him on Mother’s Day.  His spirits are high and he is still excited to do the work.  There are days that are hard but he continues to press on and find joy in the journey.


this week was up and down but that makes like a roller coaster so we are having a blast, Michigan is starting to get warm and everything is green so that’s good, we set up lots of appointments this week but they fell through but we set up lots of appointments so that was a plus, it was a good week overall i cant complain i’m doing the lords errand so the things come on his time i just have to be ready when he needs me to be. so just keep on going i’m sorry i have no cool stories i always forget them through out the week dang football and always getting your head bashed in.  jk its the best, so the exciting thing was skyping home yesterday that was sweet and happy mothers day to everyone you are truly some special people. much love hope everything  goes great this week! also i would love to hear how you guys are doing from anyone who is willing to write or type i love hearing from ya.
Elder Whiting

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