March 5th 2018

This week was really good we had lots going like always but it was a blast of course we have tough time and times that Satan gets us down but all is well. Im doing good just the constant grind, so a little tired but this transfer has just flown bye its super crazy it is  already the last week of the transfer. not sure if i need groceries the highs of this week were the family we are working with who are going to be baptized on Saturday so that’s just amazing the low would have to be the snow storm we had or being so tired. i definitely learn something new every week and this week it was being in tune with the spirit and making sure there is nothing blocking our signal especially with the new blessing but also distraction sometimes of smart phones. but it is starting to warm up and the snow is melting but still some on the ground. yeah where Uncle Clint lives had a bad power outage when i served over there but it was  from a wind storm but the same thing happened to many of the members the water froze in toilets and it was like 40 degrees in there house so hopefully it is back. love ya

love you lots, tell melissa she is in my prayers and i love her and know all will be okay.

love ya to the moon and back thanks so much big hugs
and remember we are never to far apart no matter what we are all gods children and he knows us perfectly.
No pictures this week.

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