March 26th 2018

hey Mom,

this week was pretty good, nothing to exciting besides watching a swat team bust into a house right next to the house we were just contacting, we also picked up some cool investigators so thats great but overall not to many we are working with. nope no basketball but we did play some sand volleyball with our recent converts and there friends in town and explored downtown Detroit it was crazy cool. i haven’t got any claritin but i have broke out multiple times this week. we got the groceries it was great. there arent to many restaurants in our area Detroit is pretty deserted of that and shopping places but there is some stuff in southfield and surrounding areas just not sure what they are. the caramel Gatorade bars are great. sounds like all is going great back there but that is pretty warm we got into the 50s today which was great.​​
The Swat team.
On top of the Pebscot building

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