March 19th 2018- spending some time in downtown Detroit


This week was good nothing to crazy just living the life. transfers went well got everyone everywhere… Elder Amoah went out to Chelsea so i might send him over to Uncle clints for me do you know his address. food has been going ok a member feed us this week and his place is dope, i have been sleeping ok but have been rashing out again pretty consistent when working out. dang seems like i am missing the best tournament ever even though Arizona lost and i heard it was bad. sounds like a good week love ya
um the members house was actually the opposite it was very small basically a shack made bachelor pad and its in a rougher area of detroit.

i will try that for my hives its not anything crazy i just get real red and warm when exercising and get the hives so…
 they have murals painted so they dont get as much graffiti or i guess just let them graffiti better and take there time instead of the crap they put sometimes.  we dont see to many gangs i have met some gang members but nothing crazy its really just been abandon in lots of parts 
Sent me this picture and said I am coming home.  I told him I would love to have you home but the Lord needs you right now.  He was dropping off missionaries that were going home.

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