March 12, 2018 Baptisms!!

This week was good all is going well. yup day lights savings it kinda sucks but just adjusting now. this week has just been go go go with meeting and and the baptism so cant say anything to exciting besides that. the Baptism went great we were able to baptize the whole family and it was the first family baptized here since president has been here. but overall a big success lots to do with it but it was amazing! we are still getting snow we have light flurries right now it hasn’t been to bad though we have a couple of wild storms that really pilled up but most of the time it melts off  in a week or two so nothing to crazy but it has been pretty consistent at coming down but i definitely thought it would be worse. Craziest thing from this week would be helping with the transfer board. this week the miracle was just the baptism and the example we were able to set with it. we have been eating ok we are always go go go so we eat here and there sometimes we miss lunch so we got to a restaurant for dinner but we should be getting some meals from the members soon well at least our recent convert signed up to feed us. im getting some sleep we work late hours sometimes in the office trying to finish things up so we have some later nights, and because of that i leave Facebook on if we have WiFi in case someone trys to get a hold of us over messenger, but im really trying to retrain myself on how to use facebook because you just want to go back to what your used to which was a time waster so trying to work on that sometimes i do it without recognizing i just pull out the phone and pull up facebook and start scrolling without really even looking at it so thats a new challenge but its awesome being able to see our investigators on there and interact with them.  i get emails from you and dad and a sister missionary from Florida and thats about it regularly so… not to much but a couple weeks ago i talked to Jake and nico like last month and he didnt say much and zach hasn’t returned the last 2 emails but i understand they are busy. so not to much going on just working hard and trying to do whats right  seems like the world keeps turning and QC keeps going so thats awesome. love ya



This week has been a blast we have been working with some amazing people and doing our best to push forward the work while all the time exploring the amazing place we call Detroit… i cant even describe what its like because it sounds like i do the same thing everyday but it is really never the same it is an adventure in itself leaving the apartment and coming back later that night, I LOVE THIS PLACE! there is just never a dull moment and the people are the best. this week was filled with exchanges running around and meeting with some of the amazing people we are working with and they are working towards baptism in the beginning of March! Also it was my comps birthday so we had to party Elder Peterson hit the big 20. OVERALL another Excellent week in Detroit!

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