June 19th 2017 — Baptism


this week was a blast and we had a ton of stuff going on, we were really all over the place, lots of good things. so the week started with us visiting lots of members and then to exchanges with some elders in our district that was pretty cool, then are wild Wednesdays in this area where it seems to always be go go go but we accomplished a lot. then we had lots of good stuff going on getting Damien ready for his baptism, then he was baptized on Saturday it went great and was awesome to be a part of then we balled him up and some other guys there in a 3 on 3 in our suits no that was pretty fun then of course Sunday was great and the whole week  really. lots of excitement and hard work going on pedaling are backs as fast as we can all over the place and talking to everybody, good things are happening and we have a good time a funny story from this week we were teaching a guy and he was asking a ton of questions and we were doing are best to answer but he was just kinda stuck on blacks in the church and so we leave and my comp turns to me and says “i dont think he acknowledged that i was black” i died laughing so that was a good time i wish you all the best and would love to hear from all of you as time just keeps flying along. and happy fathers day to all the dads and future dads as for me the grind continues.
much love,
Elder Whiting

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