June 17, 2018

Hey Mom!

This week was great and the baptism for Will and Amy was fantastic! Elijah is one of our other investigators and he is doing well and working towards baptism at the end of the month. Yeah its warming up quite nicely out here we have been in the 90s so… i havent got them fixed yet. And i will send you a picture of it. Um today we are going to play some street ball and stuff and lets see Elder jensen is doing fine and we worked out a little this week and played some football! I havent had much time to think about schools so not to sure. Ups and downs of this week were the baptism and then being exhausted. Wow that sounds like a crazy week! Love ya lots
Pictures of Will and Amy.
I got to ride a horse or at least sit on one.  The horse belonged to a man just riding down the street in Detroit.

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