July 30th 2018

Hey this week was great we have been seeing so many miracles its hard to always keep track but the mission has truly been a blast! This week for a quick overview was filled with a couple trips down to Ohio one where we stayed with some elders who live in an apartment made for dwarfs and then another trip where we just left early and got back late but all is well! We also hosted a devotional that went great and kept on preaching his word! Lately i have had the most hectic and crazy weeks but the Lord just keeps blessing us, some things just seem unreal some of the highlights would be Simona and her kids they are dope they have been so prepared she basically told us christ had told her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon before we meet… how crazy. We have also been working with Ron and Ashley who are going to be getting baptized this weekend im so excited they are ballers! And then tyrease who we meet this week just couldn’t stop smiling when we were talking about the book of Mormon and either can i i know its true! We also helped take down a burnt down house in Detroit which was dope and i am working on getting back in shape man it is hard but it sure feels great! Also our home boy Alan man he is wild he was helping us move his fridge but the man never measured so we did some good ole mormon moving team skills and took off the doors and threw it right in… only if it was that easy but we did it while the whole time Alans arms bleeding because he busted open his stitches again. So overall another amazing week in Detroit i definitely do love these people and Detroit.

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