July 1, 2018


Hey Mom,
Yesterday’s meeting in Ohio went great we are actually heading down right now as well to meet everyone it’s super crazy! That’s awesome you were able to help out! It has been a little warmer even hot sometimes which I never thought would happen. So this week was filled with meetings but we had one open day and we went on exchange. Any other crazy stuff… probably just all the people we are teaching disappearing like I swear they are gone but it’s okay we will find new ones. I have not checked the screw yet we have been real busy. Something real cool though is I talked to some sisters in Ohio yesterday and they said they knew Presley Motes so that was pretty cool! Sounds like all is going well back home love ya!
Spent some time in Cleveland getting the new part of the mission trained. This banner was tore down the next day due to LeBron moving to the LA Lakers.

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