January 8th – Freezing like a popsicle

i was a frozen Popsicle this week man the high was like 10 before today jumped back up to 30, we had a relatively good week and stayed pretty busy so thats all i can ask we did bike in the snow but im not as sore as i was but the workouts have been going good. our investigators are great but have been going through some tough making tings a little tough but i love em. i didnt eat at any members home this week but its ok our apartment is warmish and we do alright at night. all the elders are doing pretty good and nobody is sick so thats fantastic! the best part of the week was Deangelo coming to church it was awesome  AND BIGGEST BUMMER WAS LOSING FEELING IN MY TOES. sound like a crazy week but thats awesome. love ya
We were freezing is was -3 one day.  (Look at the frost on his eyelashes on the one where he is working out. )
Only 32 degrees so why would he need a jacket or anything.  It was warm outside he said.

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