January 22nd 2018

so overall this week was sub par besides interviews with president which went fantastic! but things are going as good kinda frustrating a times no joke its tough hitting the hump i feel like dad old but not quite an old fart.
WORK OUTS ARE GREAT! sad but sometimes the highlight of my day, dad isn’t that old i’m over 50 in mission life but everyone tries to make it to a 100 out here. President was just very reassuring that the lord is pleased with what i’m doing even though sometimes i think i’m not so good or get frustrated or irritated with how things go. it was subpar because we had a lot of potential success fall through especially for the month of January and i’m just kinda disappointed but we set a goal to baptize this weekend but we have no one on date right now so we need a miracle.
They got to go to the international car show so there are lots of pictures this week.  I told him at least they chose a girl that was dressed nicely to get a picture with.  He said it was kind of funny because she is a member and from Salt Lake City and was so happy to see the missionaries.

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