Jan 29th 2018- Transfers

hey mom how are you?

it is crazy that this month and transfer are closing up but we arent getting any warmer we are actually getting a bunch of snow today. but overall the week was pretty good no miracle baptism but lots of new investigators. i still dont know if i am getting transferred but who knows but the roseville area is getting a new apartment so either way i will be moving. we definitely did have miracles though but just got to keep working. the weather was real nice last week got all the way to the 50s for a brief moment but like i said cold and snowy again. the hives rarely come around and not to many headaches anymore. but overall i have been feeling pretty good. the craziest thing this week was the people we meet. the thing i didnt like the most is one of our investigators kind of dropping us and going mia.
Weather looks a little colder than AZ.

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