Jan 15th 2018



hey mom

Our week was good just a little slow but thats alright a little warmer but its dropping again so… we did get the groceries i was there and got them from her so it was good. im feeling ok real tired but its the usual on the mish.
i  might need better socks but my toes weren’t as bad this week. the investigators are doing good and we are working on a few things but it looks promising, and unfortunately Deangelo couldn’t make it to church this Sunday.
i did get the package the cookies weren’t to hard.  tender mercies one that i havent gone crazy um and this less active we are working with coming back to church is already reading 2 hours from the book of mormon a day and one of our investigators got the ok to walk on his boot which he hasnt been able to for like 3 months.
Some more pictures of the cold.

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