February 12th 2018

In my email to Zane this is what I said.

So what is up with this letter I got on Thursday saying you are an AP.  What ?? what?? Were you going to tell us or just let it be a surprise?  You are an AP is that why you needed your phone so soon.

This was his response:
hey mom how are you?

yup so i became an AP i guess it kinda just happened and that is why i need the phone so quickly it hasn’t delivered cause i needed to sign for it and i wasn’t there so i just signed the slip they left but they weren’t able to deliver because of the storm we had. it is basically helping president out in lots of stuff like meetings and decisions and doing our best to help him with the overall function of the mission, we have not to much daily stuff just calls from other missionaries when have questions but mostly just weekly stuff but we are in the office alot it might be better to send packages there not sure though. and we still do exchanges and are in charge of our area so lots going on. went to the temple this week as well for the 1 year trip just a little after but it was awesome and we are working with some amazing people its going well but the snow has been crazy like a ton.
love ya
Then I asked him if he was surprised and he said
i was surprised it was definitely not anything i was expecting,  there is alot more work and we still have an area that we are over.
I know he is being blessed by everything that he is doing right now.

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