December 11, 2017

hey mom this week was good lots of craziness the snow started falling and so did my health i haven’t been feeling to well the last few days but its great we have 1 to 2 inches on the ground right now and still snowing but are car broke down again so… she did show up to her confirmation so all is good and have been able to get some new investigators and see some crazy cool miracles and are planning a baptism for this week so all is good just not feeling to well. weight lifting is going decent bike riding stinks in the cold and the ice is very slippery and stinks cause im sick. elder cook is doing good and im not to sure about transfers im just hoping im staying.


Letter to everyone (he doesn’t do this every week probably just the same stuff going on)

Whats up!

┬áThis week was crazy filled with lots of cold weather and snow that is finally sticking and of course the great Christmas spirit! we did lots of work helping our investigators take steps towards baptism and it has been a blast! we also went tracting/caroling it was fun but we didn’t always get the warmest reception im guessing it was probably because of my voice but all together it was a pretty great week and i am seeing so many miracles and definitely blessed!
Hopefully you all are having a great holiday season and best wishes from East Detroit!
Elder Whiting

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