Aug 14th 2017

SO… this week had lots of ups and lots of great things going on we were able to end up withe 3 people having a baptismal date and did a lot of service which has become like my favorite thing, so we got to help this guy named sparrow pick up glass for about an hour because some one stole about 19 of his windows he had in storage but they just wanted the frames so they broke all the glass. then we helped him spread dirt for his garlic plants i didn’t know they had farms in downtown Detroit but they do. it has been a lot of fun but unfortunately my run with Elder Amoah is up and we are both leaving Southfield so on to new things and to new people but this place and people were definitely awesome so that is about it peace out from Southfield!

Elder Whiting

His district and then him and Elder Amoah rockin the ties we sent him for Jackie’s wedding.  She got married on Aug 12th.  We knew he was there in spirit and Flat Zane was there hanging out with us.

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