April 9th 2018

hey mom, not to much has been going on this week just kind of the grind trying to get our recent converts to the temple and teach more people as well.

it was super crazy that the sister ran into slade this week as president has made and is making a big push to find you “family” and they are my real family if anything i want to be able to meet with before i go hopefully they will be open to it. this week we had a meal with our recent converts and we also had a meeting with mission leaders and stuff but not to much. food was good and things are going well im actually becoming a mediocre cook. i did get the package and i have started taking it daily but also got sick about the same time with a runny nose and sore throat so fighting that off but hopefully this will stop my skin from breaking out its had little flairs but no hives so wish for the best because it actually did it in a meeting the other day…🙄 no luck with new investigators but we are working with some great people. work outs have basically been non existent at the moment with being sick and so busy but not to much going on did some service and cut my hand oh and it snowed again this week so yeah thats basically it.

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