April 29th 2018

April 23rd didn’t have much to say, play some basketball and went bowling with his recent converts.

April 29th

This week was pretty good we were busy basically all week but having a blast said bye to Elder Peterson and he headed over to the east side of Detroit. My new comp is Elder Jensen. The Simmons/McCollins family is doing great it was kinda hard for them to lose some of the missionaries from are ward but they are great! Nothing to crazy happened we just met some more amazing people and are teaching another great family they 5 little girls and the oldest is 8, it’s crazy! But they are so great and working towards baptism on the¬†19th of May¬†please pray for them. Oh that’s cool she sent a clip hopefully I didn’t say something dumb. Um good was just all the miracles they have been great and the weather has been so nice. I did not buy shorts I brought them out and just never have worn them. Yeah the glasses have very low magnification so basically for looks because I found them when I was in Roseville and why not I was also hoping it would help me see the pins better didn’t really work because I only bowled a 102. Don’t have to much planned today but will figure it out. Transfers went well it was pretty big lots of people moved around but it’s all well. We basically assist President if he needs something down we do it and then makes sure the mission runs smoothly and That President doesn’t have to worry about little things. But this week was pretty good. Love ya lots sounds like things are going well and I love the talk am I a child of God.


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