My apartment

I asked Zane what his apartment looked like, so he sent a few pictures.








Living room  

May 8th- We pound the pavement


this week is basically described by my header we walked alot and are in search of people willing to hear our message by pounding the pavement. this week was solid with lots of little things happening and me growing as a missionary since i have been out almost 4 and a half months now but nothing to excited this week. but my main question is how are you guys doing whats going on?  and i hope you all the best and would love to hear from you really anyone, i talk to the same guy 24/7 i think he is out of stories! miss you all god bless.
Elder Whiting

May 1, 2017 – This week!




its going to be very brief because sadly not much is happening well not yet anyway big things are ahead of us. so this week was a lot of walking and talking and some more walking and talking but its good because a lot of people are starting to recognize us they will say i see you guys walking all day even when its raining they have even noticed i have a new companion the last few weeks. i know we are going to be able to have some big things happen this upcoming week because of are consistent efforts and because its starting to be beautiful out here weather and scenery, but nothing exciting to right home about this week miss ya guys, whats going on for you back home i hope you all have a great week much love
Elder Whiting

April 24th 2017 — AM I REALLY ON A MISSION


so this week i realized man im getting old im on my mission its something i always knew i wanted to do but didn’t expect to get here so fast but it is so im gonna live it up!! so this week we tried really hard to pray and strive to find people who are prepared so i basically prayed for like the at least 10 of the 16 hours  i was awake and we saw little miracles through out our day it was truly amazing but surprisingly hard work but i am always having a good time even though my comp thinks i’m strange sometimes. the weather out here is finally getting really nice and people are getting a little more friendly and coming out of their houses so its pretty great. i hope all of you guys are doing great and miss you all and would love to hear about what is happening in your lives. i just want to leave you guys today with my testimony that i know Jesus is our savior and Redeemer and through him we may all find peace and love and endure any hardship and i testify that is true. love all of you and hope you have a great week.
Elder Whiting

April 17th, 2017 HAPPY EASTERS!!

Whats poppin!!!,

I dont have much to say this week, i got a new comp and that was basically all that really happened, but its chill. We pounded the pavement this week like i legit walked forever but that is alright because we talked to tons of people about Jesus especially because of Easter which really isn’t a holiday for missionaries just another Sunday but it was good great weather so that was a blessing. i hope all of you had a great Easter back home and remember what Easter is all about and if you haven’t go watch the #princeofpeace video it is awesome and what Easter is about .
Love and miss all my PEEPS,
Elder Whiting

We Finally Made it to the Temple! April 10, 2017

This week was a legit blur but i’ll try my best, so I’m staying in Chelsea but getting a new comp.  This week we partied it up while trying our best to bring souls to Christ but they weren’t feeling it so their loss. We went to the retirement home this week and helped them with Easter crafts and had fun but also helped out with the Easter party and my comp legit dressed up as the Easter bunny but its alright he rocked it!! It almost being Easter go watch the prince of peace video it is great.  The main thing this week was taking our recent converts john and afife to the temple which was so awesome and nothing really like it.  I’m so happy to have been apart of this amazing journey with them. i am loving my mission and having a great time out here and i have learned so much and trying ,my best to be the best missionary/man i can be. Love all you back home and would love to hear from you guys
Much love
 Elder Whiting


WHAT UP!!!!!

 so this week was solid from start to finish it was super quick and jam packed. so to clarify my header we actually stopped in hell but we did go through it, its surprisingly really small but its got a gift shop and i forgot my camera so i didn’t get a pic. well the rest of the week was wild last p day we played ultimate Frisbee on a muddy field i dont know whose idea was that but i ate it a couple times and left covered in mud but it was so fun the whole district was there but again failed to take a picture so there is no proof i fell right. then we went to the retirement center again this week of course we basically run the place, but probably the most exciting thing was that i got to go on exchanges at the university of Michigan man that place was big and it was wet because it poured all day but that was alright because there were still tons of people to talk to. so a funny experience happened while i was there  we all crammed on to a bus my back was legit squished up against the doors along with this chick standing next to me and she just turned to me and said “when these doors open please don’t let me fall out i have never been in this situation before” im thinking i have never been in this situation before what am i going to do but its ok neither of us fell out so that was good.


My District!!
I also found out there is a play called the book of mormon, i never knew this but people always ask me about it. then we continued on with our week and had conference which was lit for missionary standards. to be serious though it was so awesome and i felt like he was talking straight to me and i just feel so much strength from it. hope all of you guys have a great week peace out.
Elder Whiting

Another Week Down! March 27, 2017

Zane has been on his mission for three months.  There has been days that seem slow but the weeks go by fast.  I can’t believe it is already Monday again.  I love to hear from him and can see the growth that serving a mission brings.



well this week was awesome it was busy one of the best things for a missionary, we were able to volunteer again this week at the retirement center its just becoming a weekly thing and the people there are so awesome. then we had interviews with president they went good and he gave me a huge boost of confidence. this week ended up being packed with us teaching the restoration to members and working with our investigators and recent converts with some time to still find plus trying to make meals on what ever we had in the apartment because my comp has zero dollars so that was kinda rough but things are going good. the best thing was one of our investigators want to be baptized i mean really wants to like tomorrow but he still has to learn all the stuff so we are working on it but its great. we also are getting used to rejection and weird comments so thats fun i think some girl thought i was trying to hit on her but i was just trying to give her Christ so she missed out and we had this guy yell ” hail the smiths long live the smiths and angel moroni on top of it” which was very unique so we just laughed. so for the most part we just keep pushing along having a good time and trying to share this message with as many people as possible. but i am having a great time Chelsea is a fun little town. thats basically it from Michigan peace out!!!!
Elder Whiting

My PEEPS!! March 20, 2017


this week was a good one we saw some miracles and picked up 2 new investigators, one legit called the bishop and already has a testimony of so many things he is truly amazing. We also had two crazy snow storms this week which both were followed with sleet and rain so the weather is still cold. We did a lot this week but also not anything exciting we are just pounding the pavement trying to share the most important message in anybodies life. we also were able to go and volunteer at the retirement home again this week the old ladies are so funny they always explain how proud they are for us. ALSO are recent convert John got the priesthood it was so awesome he is like me and elder Nielsen’s little brother. so this week was pretty great some ups and some downs but all is going great.
PS happy late st Patrick day!!!!!

Weather!! March 13, 2017


after another slow week the weather is what really went on this week, so we started this week with sunny mid 40’s days then Wednesday the wind picked up and almost blew me right back to Arizona and also blew every ones power right out and it continued for the next day and when the wind left it, it then was 18 degrees and now snowing like crazy. so i dont know what to expect of this weather but that kinda also how the week went we couldn’t keep an appointment down and things were kinda all over the place but the one solid thing was zone conference it was amazing. after a crazy tough week with not much happening im really looking forward to this week and whats in store. miss you guys all back home and hope you are doing great remember the lord is always on your side so turn to him for help
Elder Whiting
PS im getting fat i sat on and bent a pole jk but im getting out of shape