Mission call! November 23rd 2016

After being up at Adams State University playing football, Zane decided it was time to get his mission papers submitted.  So in the middle of October all the paperwork was done and sent to Salt Lake.  Now the waiting began.  It wasn’t long after that we received that white envelope in the mail.  Zane was still up at college and didn’t want to open it til he came home for Thanksgiving.  That meant having that envelope staring at us for three weeks.  He wasn’t stressed about it because he didn’t have to see it everyday.  The plan was to open it Wednesday the 23rd.  The Monday before Thanksgiving I went to go get the mail and sure enough in the mail was an envelope from his mission.  I immediately saw the return address and knew where he was going.  I was so upset and started crying. Jeff laughed and said it wasn’t my fault but I had waited so long and didn’t want to know.  I didn’t tell anyone where he was going.  I hid the envelope so no one would know.  Zane got home Tuesday evening and didn’t even care about opening his call.  He was waiting til Eben flew in.  Wednesday night we all met at 7 pm and Zane opened his call.  There is the video of it on my facebook if you want to check it out.

Thank you to all the people that came out and supported him that day.  The house was full and everyone was excited to see where he was going.  There was a little delay he was taking his time to open the envelope.  He soon read Elder Whiting you are called to serve in the Michigan Detroit Mission and will report on December 28th.  His prayers had been answered.  He did not want to go foreign.  He was excited and didn’t seem at all nervous.

This meant another rivalry in our family would begin.  Eben went to Ohio ( The Ohio State).  Zane was going to Michigan (The University of Michigan).  The two colleges that are rivals now had our sons cheering them on against each other.

The mission shopping was about to start, we didn’t have much time.  Zane headed back to college Sunday the 27th and wouldn’t be back home til the 16th of December.

This Mama’s heart was happy. I love this picture. The hug tells it all.
The call. Each mission call is prayed about by the apostles to know where to send the missionary.
Everyone got to guess where he was going. There were a lot of guesses on the map.
Proud dad looking on.