Oct 2nd 2017

this week has been up down crazy and frustrating but with conference i know i can do all things but i did win last week and won again today but rolled my ankle so that stinks, otherwise having a blast besides my comp despising me and every other missionary.   i cant believe im gonna be 20 im getting old. but conference was amazing and my favorite talk or speaker was either uchtdorf, holland or nelson all great. we did get a few investigators and put some people on date it was a good week. we unfortunately haven’t been doing much service.   I have tons of emails people are real nice when its your birthday.


Sept 24th 2017


this week was crazy wild and so many things went on hard to describe it all one day my comp swore he was going next day, elder Amoahs comp went crazy like mentally  some real issues not even a joke… so he joined is in a trio til tomorrow then me and my comp are staying it could be wild… i got the food and had my first meal with members. my Sundays are usually ward meetings then Church at 9 then going out to a normal day of work  and i need some hair stuff.
His district!  Some pdays they all hang out together and do stuff.  This day they went to Detroit and checked out  the sights.
Downtown Detroit– Balling it up!  He did say he won both the games he played.

Sept 17th 2017


I’m doing good this week was kinda wild i had 3 exchanges so kinda crazy but also a good time. we were able to meet lots of people and actually not do to much pounding the pavement, not quite yet but its alright it gives me more time to be flexible with investigators.  My comp  is doing good but going through a lot, and the other two are good. transfers will be next week so i will know next time i email but i guess not exactly where but we are getting a little low on food well we will shop today of course. so not sure maybe food but i dont know. this week we had some miracles of meeting some really great people who listened to the message we had to share and want us to come back but not sure results are pending. we are kind of in a lull with investigators but we got it. washing clothes isnt bad we have a washer and dryer in the apartment. yeah i took my suits to be cleaned . besides that we have been working and a member of the 70 came out and instructed us on how we can improve and bless these peoples lives but all is well love and miss ya. 

Sometimes you just have to have some fun.

Sept 11th 2017

hey mom,

this week was pretty good had its ups and downs and felt very long but it is good, we have lots of miracles happening well sometimes they just seem little but they are happening. elder quick is struggling with some stuff so i am trying to help him out the mission is crazy and sometimes im think im going crazy the other elders are doing well so that is good. no i cant find a place to go to get a jacket lets just say the stores around me sell things that people from Detroit would buy. the weather is getting cold fast they say its unusual it was in the 40s the other morning. the hurricanes are crazy well i guess what i hear. not to much luck with food as of know but i think we will be good without a food order right now. last p day we played a little basketball and this p day we went to an abandon car factory pics to come. the investigators are a struggle but we are working on it being district leader is a pain sometimes but it is great to help out. my head hurts on and off but im feeling pretty good. and we have started biking again. man i miss football but its all good.
 its tuff not playing right now sometimes when we are just having a tuff day i get pretty down because i see them practicing or a high school game going on and im like no one wants to listen to me and stuff i would definitely say its hard but i know this mission is changing me to the person and the man i need to be, while interviewing with president last week he told me that the lord needs me to do all i can now on my mission because he is preparing to speak to me like never before and he needs me as a leader and needs righteous leaders in the church.  Love ya.

Sept 3rd 2017

Life is great, this week was exciting and really long but good so tuesday we stayed in the hospital basically all night because the elder that lives with us got hit by a tree it legit fell on him, then had two different exchanges and then i was not feeling to well had some weird full body shivers but was really warm and then had a really bad headache but all is well. we didn’t end up balling because it was pouring rain and were going to play outside. the investigators are a struggle no one is coming to church so they arent coming along to well. but we have found some new ones and are hoping for the best, the weather is getting cooler so i need to look for a jacket that isnt as big as my others for when its in the 40s and 50s so im not sweating underneath. we are biking a little now but not to much. food was good not from members but ended up good the kroger delivery was interesting some random lady just knocked on the door and started emptying some cooler bags on our front porch but it worked great. man football is wild i miss it i keep hoping this high school im by will have a home game but they never do.

LIFE IS GOOD – Aug 28th 2017


so this week was good we have an adventure everyday especially at night with 4 elders in the same apartment so… its a process but its fun. this week was full of meeting awesome people being really busy and finding out one of our investigators is trying out for american idol but the biggest thing is we got visited by an APOSTLE!!!! it was dope, so we be killing it! well thats most of  my week there are lots of little ins and outs and crazy stories but i stink at typing so if you wanna know them your gonna have to ask. SHOUT OUT to the squad back home for beating Hamilton thats whats up. I cant believe its already football season best of luck to my boys out in alamosa the Grizz Gang! MISS YOU ALL and wish you the best.
Elder Whiting
                        Elder Renlund

Roseville Michigan Aug 21, 2017

Elder Whiting is now serving in Roseville Michigan.  He is training again and is in an apartment with another set of Elders.  He said this is an adjustment but will keep on doing what the Lord needs him to do.  The area he left had some investigators on date for baptism and he was blessed to come into an area that also had investigators set to be baptized.  The Lord knows what we need and how to help us grow.  His pictures are from the last week he was in Southfield across the Lake is Downtown Detroit.


New Address –

Elder Zane Whiting

27350 Wentworth Dr.

Roseville Michigan 48066



Aug 14th 2017

SO… this week had lots of ups and lots of great things going on we were able to end up withe 3 people having a baptismal date and did a lot of service which has become like my favorite thing, so we got to help this guy named sparrow pick up glass for about an hour because some one stole about 19 of his windows he had in storage but they just wanted the frames so they broke all the glass. then we helped him spread dirt for his garlic plants i didn’t know they had farms in downtown Detroit but they do. it has been a lot of fun but unfortunately my run with Elder Amoah is up and we are both leaving Southfield so on to new things and to new people but this place and people were definitely awesome so that is about it peace out from Southfield!

Elder Whiting

His district and then him and Elder Amoah rockin the ties we sent him for Jackie’s wedding.  She got married on Aug 12th.  We knew he was there in spirit and Flat Zane was there hanging out with us.

July 31st 2017

Not much going on with Elder Whiting this week.  He had to stay in so they didn’t get to do anything.  He is feeling a lot better, still a little sore but the headaches are going away.  The doctor was worried about his blood pressure but seems to have that under control.  Missions are hard and all the things they learn while they are out are amazing.  I am so grateful for the blessings we all receive as Zane serves our Heavenly Father.

Aug 7th, 2017 – It’s been a minute


SO i have been awful at keeping track of whats going on but a lot has, we were able to go do service in Detroit at a thing called life remodeled, where we did landscaping and picking up trash and debris in Detroit where houses have been abandon, it was super fun and a great way to help out the community. then of course we were on our missionary grind finding teaching and trying to baptize. We meet tons of amazing people and have tons of fun in the process. we always seem to be going 100 mph everywhere trying to do so much but also not actually doing to much its the perfect balance. but we did meet a lady last night that basically wanted me to sell her a house in Arizona like where is the best place to move and all this so you know i told her the QC and then she responded i dont want be the only who looks like this i need a little diversity, so i guess she got me… then of course we meet all those people who dont want to talk to us and the ones who do we are teaching a bunch of awesome people who just want to get closer to their Savior which is awesome. so i hope all of you are doing well and dont be afraid to hit me up i love letters;) have a great week from Southfield Michigan!
MUCH LOVE, Elder Whiting