June 5th, 2017 Nothing much going on

This is pretty much all Zane wrote this week- He is busy being a district leader and trainer.  These are the answers he gave me from the questions I asked him.   He did send pictures so that was good. 

my week was pretty good , elder amoah is good, the ward is good but we never get fed, um crazy adventures not really maybe biking getting another person in are companionship but nothing wild. no basketball being district leader is alright i just hope i can help them out, it has been a little warmer but not to bad, not much going on here well there is but i am exhausted
He did say he is happy but sometimes feels inadequate.  I told him to rely on the Lord and that the Lord knows what he can accomplished.  He was called for a reason.


New address  send him a letter

Elder Zane Whiting

26580 berg rd #1411

southfield michigan 48033


its been a minute,  whats up,

so this week i left Chelsea and went to Southfield totally different in every way but its good. this week was full of getting lost and meeting a bunch of cool people. we were able to go to an amazing I’m a Mormon devotional where recent converts shared their testimonies. it was really powerful, then we also got invited to the mission president’s house for dinner which was awesome some perks of living closer to the mission home( well it wasn’t just us we aren’t that special but also the other missionaries in our ward) then the whole week kinda just flew by. But yesterday we had a chance to go ball up in Detroit now that was a fun experience we walked up called next game won then won again and left they were kinda mad they wanted to go another because we just walked up and beat them but its good, lets just say they weren’t to happy some white kids came and beat them on their own court but it was really fun. so lots of cool things happening out here just trying to continue to push forward the work! miss all you guys and hope all is well.
much love,
Elder Whiting



 He made this pinewood derby car for Margie a little lady in the retirement center.  Before he left for Southfield he found out that she had passed away.  I am happy that he was able to touch her life before she left.
John and his mom (recent converts)
This is his companion Elder Amoah, Zane and Elder Nelson (his trainer)
Just posing –  love this kid.


well folks,

looks like im headed out big things to come and a lot is gonna change but today is my last day in Chelsea so for this week we have been working hard and meeting great people but also i was thinking about my buddies back home who are great examples to me and who did some amazing things this week. there is a lot of uncertainty in the upcoming week but one thing i do know is that miracles are in store and the lord is right by my side. im so happy to be a missionary and to be able to see what i see on a regular basis but i definitely do miss all of you guys back home and know you guys are doing amazing things love ya and would love to hear from ya
Peace out
Elder Whiting

MOMS ARE GREAT – May 15th 2017

I just realized today that I hadn’t put anything on the blog since April 10th.  So this morning I set and updated the last 5 weeks.  It is great to go back and read what he has been doing.  Love this son of mine.

Walking the soles right out of his shoes.  He said he didn’t realize that there was a hole until us stepped in a puddle and his sock got drenched.

It was a great weekend being able to talk to him on Mother’s Day.  His spirits are high and he is still excited to do the work.  There are days that are hard but he continues to press on and find joy in the journey.


this week was up and down but that makes like a roller coaster so we are having a blast, Michigan is starting to get warm and everything is green so that’s good, we set up lots of appointments this week but they fell through but we set up lots of appointments so that was a plus, it was a good week overall i cant complain i’m doing the lords errand so the things come on his time i just have to be ready when he needs me to be. so just keep on going i’m sorry i have no cool stories i always forget them through out the week dang football and always getting your head bashed in.  jk its the best, so the exciting thing was skyping home yesterday that was sweet and happy mothers day to everyone you are truly some special people. much love hope everything  goes great this week! also i would love to hear how you guys are doing from anyone who is willing to write or type i love hearing from ya.
Elder Whiting

My apartment

I asked Zane what his apartment looked like, so he sent a few pictures.








Living room  

May 8th- We pound the pavement


this week is basically described by my header we walked alot and are in search of people willing to hear our message by pounding the pavement. this week was solid with lots of little things happening and me growing as a missionary since i have been out almost 4 and a half months now but nothing to excited this week. but my main question is how are you guys doing whats going on?  and i hope you all the best and would love to hear from you really anyone, i talk to the same guy 24/7 i think he is out of stories! miss you all god bless.
Elder Whiting

May 1, 2017 – This week!




its going to be very brief because sadly not much is happening well not yet anyway big things are ahead of us. so this week was a lot of walking and talking and some more walking and talking but its good because a lot of people are starting to recognize us they will say i see you guys walking all day even when its raining they have even noticed i have a new companion the last few weeks. i know we are going to be able to have some big things happen this upcoming week because of are consistent efforts and because its starting to be beautiful out here weather and scenery, but nothing exciting to right home about this week miss ya guys, whats going on for you back home i hope you all have a great week much love
Elder Whiting

April 24th 2017 — AM I REALLY ON A MISSION


so this week i realized man im getting old im on my mission its something i always knew i wanted to do but didn’t expect to get here so fast but it is so im gonna live it up!! so this week we tried really hard to pray and strive to find people who are prepared so i basically prayed for like the at least 10 of the 16 hours  i was awake and we saw little miracles through out our day it was truly amazing but surprisingly hard work but i am always having a good time even though my comp thinks i’m strange sometimes. the weather out here is finally getting really nice and people are getting a little more friendly and coming out of their houses so its pretty great. i hope all of you guys are doing great and miss you all and would love to hear about what is happening in your lives. i just want to leave you guys today with my testimony that i know Jesus is our savior and Redeemer and through him we may all find peace and love and endure any hardship and i testify that is true. love all of you and hope you have a great week.
Elder Whiting

April 17th, 2017 HAPPY EASTERS!!

Whats poppin!!!,

I dont have much to say this week, i got a new comp and that was basically all that really happened, but its chill. We pounded the pavement this week like i legit walked forever but that is alright because we talked to tons of people about Jesus especially because of Easter which really isn’t a holiday for missionaries just another Sunday but it was good great weather so that was a blessing. i hope all of you had a great Easter back home and remember what Easter is all about and if you haven’t go watch the #princeofpeace video it is awesome and what Easter is about .
Love and miss all my PEEPS,
Elder Whiting

We Finally Made it to the Temple! April 10, 2017

This week was a legit blur but i’ll try my best, so I’m staying in Chelsea but getting a new comp.  This week we partied it up while trying our best to bring souls to Christ but they weren’t feeling it so their loss. We went to the retirement home this week and helped them with Easter crafts and had fun but also helped out with the Easter party and my comp legit dressed up as the Easter bunny but its alright he rocked it!! It almost being Easter go watch the prince of peace video it is great.  The main thing this week was taking our recent converts john and afife to the temple which was so awesome and nothing really like it.  I’m so happy to have been apart of this amazing journey with them. i am loving my mission and having a great time out here and i have learned so much and trying ,my best to be the best missionary/man i can be. Love all you back home and would love to hear from you guys
Much love
 Elder Whiting