November 20th 2017

hey mom

my week was good things are going good we have been working out everyday this week is good but i am also hecka tired. the groceries were still good it was like 40 out and they were great, dinners with the members went great it was also great to be in there homes, the weather was cold and we have had a few dustings but nothing to really pile up. i have not been riding my bike solely because we built up miles when the car was broke. but thats about it we are working out details for baptism this or next weekend so it been awesome and we had zone conference this week so thats awesome. have you ever gone on to our missions facebook page? love ya sounds like you had a great week and you could definitely beat me in the turkey trot.
I asked him how he was doing, because he sounded a little down this was his response.    awh you know i should probably be playing in a rivalry game where all stakes are on the line so…… but im in a better game against the big bully satan.
This was my answer to him –

yes and one day you will be playing in that rivalry game, just not yet the Lord is preparing you for that day.  You are learning so much more than that right now.
Pictures from ward members.
They had a clothing drive and dressed Elder Whiting and Elder Cook up.

November 13th 2017



so me and Elder Cook both stayed and the work rolls on it got really cold this week even snowed for a little bit hecka crazy! the gloves are working when i dont lose them it would really help if you were out here to find all the things i misplace but life rolls on. Queen creek got beat was notre dame any good? thats crazy hopefully Kenzie has started feeling better. sounds like a crazy week! some investigators are still on date not to much bike riding this week luckily we did go give a blessing at 2 in the morning Sunday morning, lets just say i miss Sunday naps
lots happened but i cant exactly remember all of it, worst thing this week was the cold best snow/meeting and getting 5 NEW INVESTIGATORS. food has been good and we actually have 2 dinner appointments coming up! and i am feeling pretty good little tired but good we had a solid work out the other day im getting weak. love ya
yeah its going to be super cold i feel like it gonna be bad. yeah it was a family but only 2 of them were in that because there kids were under 8. YEAH ITS AWESOME WE HAVE DINNER APPOINTMENT  i love being in the members homes but unfortunately the other members dont have any dinners so we will need some groceries.
(I started buying groceries from a company called instacart.  They deliver to his apartment.  It works out pretty well and I know that he is eating.)

November 6, 2017


hey mom whats up

this week was good we got the care back on saturday and we be meeting lots of people also tons of exchanges and having fun. we do have transfers this week but we changed the day so we don’t leave until thursday and don’t find out until tomorrow.
the weather is decent its kinda cold or really cold some days and not to much sun. the investigators are doing ok having a few things slowing us down but we are getting them there we have a couple on date for november 25th. i did get the package thank you so much
my RC loved the cd, um no member dinners this week, the groceries were great just showed right up so it was good. best moment this week was when we were teaching this guy this week and he just knew he needed to be baptized he said 100 percent yes it was so cool,
worst was probably biking in cold rain and sinking into a sink hole or just being tired. that sounds like a good week troy actually touches my area and our stake president is President Parsons. that sounds good love ya lots moma. ps as your needy ungrateful child i would like more sweaters or cardigans but not urgent just for more layers in the winter and for me to look GOOD no rush love ya lots.
As a mom I love when he tells me love ya moma.  Melts my heart.

Oct 30th 2017

hey mom

not to much we are working hard and freezing but its legit. i did get my package thank you so much. our week was sweet we had lots of fun and did a lot it started out with 2 different exchanges and lots going on but its been a blast.
so the best thing was just all the mini miracles and worst is biking in 30 degrees and rain. no basketball and the car is not fixed, we are basically out of food. we went to the ward trunk or treat it was really fun lots of people there a couple investigators.
are investigators are good just have to keep working with them. sounds like a lot of good things going on back home. do you possibly have rays email because thats awesome. and no it doesn’t make me homesick. but i did have some unfortunate events happen i ripped a pair of pants and lost my gloves.
um it ripped more across my upper hamstring from seem to seem i believe from the bike seat and yes the gloves that keep my hands warm and they were a pair of banana republic ones i got out here my first transfer, i had some gloves dad had got for me, its always awesome when time is flying and its almost CHRISTMAS.
How many months each have been out.

Oct 23, 2017



so this week we had tons of things going on and i am exhausted we have been working hard and having a blast, and i think im experiencing my first real Fall the leaves actually change colors. so this week was full of exchanges lots of biking are car breaking down again, a baptism! some really cool people lots of fun times and being a missionary what more can i say im living the life. one day at a time talking about my savior Jesus Christ and having a blast while doing. love and miss all of you and would love to hear from you.
Peace Out from Michigan,
Elder Whiting
hey, mom his week went well, the baptism was great kinda funny because he was scared of the water so it took a little bit, also funny story the guy who baptized him is his really good friend who served his mission in Gilbert and we meet that one day in the seminary building. the food delivery was great thank you so much. it is getting slowly colder we have a real cold day then warms up again then real cold. the church was hosting a clothing drive and so we were volunteering and sister Murray put me in a dress. 

Oct 16th 2017

Lots of things are up big things are happening, this week was good we had lots of things going on and we were on bikes all week because are car broke so… yeah it rained this week… elder cook is doing good. our investigator is ready for baptism he is being baptized this weekend and it is definitely starting to get cold like 50s with 15 mph winds. so we will p-probably need another order of groceries because we can only get what we can put on the bike, the ankle is feeling better i am feeling ok for the most part but exhausted i dont think anyone ever mentioned how tiring missionary work is. we biked hard core in the rain one day we did over 40 miles um we played a little football with the neigbhor kids and maybe more but i cant remember.

Oct 10, 2017


so this week was kinda crazy lots of things happened lots of up and downs so as of the last time i talked to you i have a new companion and tons of things have happened but its been great and we have someone preparing themselves to be baptized the 21st.   My comp is elder cook. Elder Amoah is in that picture we went on exchanges on my birthday, i did get the packages and a tie from the terry family not sure.. is that like the terrys as in todd… but it is awesome cant wait to keep getting people into the water.

When I told him it was from Todd’s family he said “can you please tell the Terrys thanks so much!! THE TIE IS AWESOME”


I asked him if someone made him a cake and his response was no I wish someone had made me a cake.  I bought it.  Birthdays are hard on a mission.  We did send him some packages and thank you to everyone that emailed him

Fall leaves!

Icing his sprained ankle.

Oct 2nd 2017

this week has been up down crazy and frustrating but with conference i know i can do all things but i did win last week and won again today but rolled my ankle so that stinks, otherwise having a blast besides my comp despising me and every other missionary.   i cant believe im gonna be 20 im getting old. but conference was amazing and my favorite talk or speaker was either uchtdorf, holland or nelson all great. we did get a few investigators and put some people on date it was a good week. we unfortunately haven’t been doing much service.   I have tons of emails people are real nice when its your birthday.


Sept 24th 2017


this week was crazy wild and so many things went on hard to describe it all one day my comp swore he was going next day, elder Amoahs comp went crazy like mentally  some real issues not even a joke… so he joined is in a trio til tomorrow then me and my comp are staying it could be wild… i got the food and had my first meal with members. my Sundays are usually ward meetings then Church at 9 then going out to a normal day of work  and i need some hair stuff.
His district!  Some pdays they all hang out together and do stuff.  This day they went to Detroit and checked out  the sights.
Downtown Detroit– Balling it up!  He did say he won both the games he played.

Sept 17th 2017


I’m doing good this week was kinda wild i had 3 exchanges so kinda crazy but also a good time. we were able to meet lots of people and actually not do to much pounding the pavement, not quite yet but its alright it gives me more time to be flexible with investigators.  My comp  is doing good but going through a lot, and the other two are good. transfers will be next week so i will know next time i email but i guess not exactly where but we are getting a little low on food well we will shop today of course. so not sure maybe food but i dont know. this week we had some miracles of meeting some really great people who listened to the message we had to share and want us to come back but not sure results are pending. we are kind of in a lull with investigators but we got it. washing clothes isnt bad we have a washer and dryer in the apartment. yeah i took my suits to be cleaned . besides that we have been working and a member of the 70 came out and instructed us on how we can improve and bless these peoples lives but all is well love and miss ya. 

Sometimes you just have to have some fun.