Aug 27, 2018

I’m doing well Ron and Ashley got baptized so that was amazing! The weather has been okay really humid but all is well! Otherwise its been a crazy week with zone conference and everything going on!

Visiting lake Huron its a lot farther than i thought. Ashley braided my hair it took her like 5 minutes and yes its at the top of the mission.


Aug 19th 2018

Im doing good the trip to Ohio went well and i really cant complain. The pizza was great and we got it no problem the groceries are great as well thank you so much!! I have been trying to work out but its hard but i need to get on it. I have been feeling alright few aches and pains and being real tired but all is good, i have been thinking about Montana and it feels all good that is just a ways from home but… sometimes it has to happen i would love to play for Rosie again. Also my date looks like it will be the 14th when i come home. Wow sounds like a wild week and lots of babys and dang Qc did well. Love ya
Got a little rain the street was flooded.

July 30th 2018

Hey this week was great we have been seeing so many miracles its hard to always keep track but the mission has truly been a blast! This week for a quick overview was filled with a couple trips down to Ohio one where we stayed with some elders who live in an apartment made for dwarfs and then another trip where we just left early and got back late but all is well! We also hosted a devotional that went great and kept on preaching his word! Lately i have had the most hectic and crazy weeks but the Lord just keeps blessing us, some things just seem unreal some of the highlights would be Simona and her kids they are dope they have been so prepared she basically told us christ had told her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon before we meet… how crazy. We have also been working with Ron and Ashley who are going to be getting baptized this weekend im so excited they are ballers! And then tyrease who we meet this week just couldn’t stop smiling when we were talking about the book of Mormon and either can i i know its true! We also helped take down a burnt down house in Detroit which was dope and i am working on getting back in shape man it is hard but it sure feels great! Also our home boy Alan man he is wild he was helping us move his fridge but the man never measured so we did some good ole mormon moving team skills and took off the doors and threw it right in… only if it was that easy but we did it while the whole time Alans arms bleeding because he busted open his stitches again. So overall another amazing week in Detroit i definitely do love these people and Detroit.

July 23 2018

Hey Mom this week was good! We had a good time and finished up zone conferences down in Ohio we were up at 4 to get down there but its all good we played some football and we had transfers so kinda crazy but things are good!

July 16th, 2018

This week was good not to much crazy stuff went on just zone conference and prep for transfers this week. A miracle this week was this family we have been working with they are super dope, also everyone keeps accepting a baptismal date so that amazing! This week was good we only had a few days actually in our area but it went well we met some really cool people! Also for one of our workouts this week went and played some football but basically the week just flew by. The mission is adjusting well just a few things to still work on but the elders and sisters are doing great!


July 9th 2018

Hey Mom,

This week has been good and super busy its crazy! We finishedbup are meetings in ohio monday came back for training with new missionaries tuesday took are actual pday thursday and then had a leadership meeting friday and still saw tons of miracles in our area in between! Im not sure what picture sister Cleveland sent.. but it has been pretty warm but nothing like walking into a oven more like a steam room… we played a little basketball on the hottest day of the year it was like 97. But all is well and we are having a blast!
One of the miracles was we got Tony to the temple.

July 1, 2018


Hey Mom,
Yesterday’s meeting in Ohio went great we are actually heading down right now as well to meet everyone it’s super crazy! That’s awesome you were able to help out! It has been a little warmer even hot sometimes which I never thought would happen. So this week was filled with meetings but we had one open day and we went on exchange. Any other crazy stuff… probably just all the people we are teaching disappearing like I swear they are gone but it’s okay we will find new ones. I have not checked the screw yet we have been real busy. Something real cool though is I talked to some sisters in Ohio yesterday and they said they knew Presley Motes so that was pretty cool! Sounds like all is going well back home love ya!
Spent some time in Cleveland getting the new part of the mission trained. This banner was tore down the next day due to LeBron moving to the LA Lakers.

June 24th, 2018

Hey Mom,

This week was good! We had lots going on and have been crazy busy! Like all over the place but its all good we are doing well just super tired and stuff but Will and Amy are doing great unfortunately we are no longer working with Elijah but thats okay it just wasnt his time yet. We havent had anything to crazy just prepping for ohio and so on, but we do of course meet crazy people everyday so its been a blast! Wow it sounds like a lot of things going on back home let me know if i can help!
We were in the paper!!. 

June 17, 2018

Hey Mom!

This week was great and the baptism for Will and Amy was fantastic! Elijah is one of our other investigators and he is doing well and working towards baptism at the end of the month. Yeah its warming up quite nicely out here we have been in the 90s so… i havent got them fixed yet. And i will send you a picture of it. Um today we are going to play some street ball and stuff and lets see Elder jensen is doing fine and we worked out a little this week and played some football! I havent had much time to think about schools so not to sure. Ups and downs of this week were the baptism and then being exhausted. Wow that sounds like a crazy week! Love ya lots
Pictures of Will and Amy.
I got to ride a horse or at least sit on one.  The horse belonged to a man just riding down the street in Detroit.