My PEEPS!! March 20, 2017


this week was a good one we saw some miracles and picked up 2 new investigators, one legit called the bishop and already has a testimony of so many things he is truly amazing. We also had two crazy snow storms this week which both were followed with sleet and rain so the weather is still cold. We did a lot this week but also not anything exciting we are just pounding the pavement trying to share the most important message in anybodies life. we also were able to go and volunteer at the retirement home again this week the old ladies are so funny they always explain how proud they are for us. ALSO are recent convert John got the priesthood it was so awesome he is like me and elder Nielsen’s little brother. so this week was pretty great some ups and some downs but all is going great.
PS happy late st Patrick day!!!!!

Weather!! March 13, 2017


after another slow week the weather is what really went on this week, so we started this week with sunny mid 40’s days then Wednesday the wind picked up and almost blew me right back to Arizona and also blew every ones power right out and it continued for the next day and when the wind left it, it then was 18 degrees and now snowing like crazy. so i dont know what to expect of this weather but that kinda also how the week went we couldn’t keep an appointment down and things were kinda all over the place but the one solid thing was zone conference it was amazing. after a crazy tough week with not much happening im really looking forward to this week and whats in store. miss you guys all back home and hope you are doing great remember the lord is always on your side so turn to him for help
Elder Whiting
PS im getting fat i sat on and bent a pole jk but im getting out of shape

This week was a blur – March 6th 2017

HEY GUYS, sorry but i am going to be very brief and dont have any pictures. this week we went out and pounded the pavement but didn’t have much luck but its ok they just weren’t ready so we will do it again next week. the only other thing that really happened is we volunteered 3 days this week at a retirement home where we help any way possible and all the old people are nice to us besides this one cranky old dinosaur she was really mean but thats the norm when you rock a sick name badge like i do. so this week was pretty awesome and we started of a new transfer so i am finishing up my training, so all is swell. sorry to be short but thats all folks. PEACE

Elder Whiting

BAPTISM!!! Feb 27- 2017

SO this week was FANTASTIC!!!!!! by week i mean Saturday, so we woke up like it was Christmas morning not really it was still 6:30 and i was kinda sleepy but i was still so  pumped  then we rushed all morning trying to get everything in order for there big day and BAM!!! it was 12 o’clock it was time to start, but to back it up real quick before we could score the game winning touchdown we had a little mishap and that mishap would be we didn’t have any baptismal clothing but president and sister Cleveland came in clutch and brought us some so we punched it in for the game winning score!!! to get back to the main focus the baptism was back on track and went amazing the spirit was so strong and pure happiness just filled the room there is nothing truly like it. then that night we kicked it at the ward family fun fair, where we were in charge of face painting and just got to have a good time. so the rest of the week was pretty great to we actually started volunteering at a retirement home some of them old people are crazy we gotta watch out. Then we just did the usual missionary thing of trying to find people to teach and having fun while doing it. i also found out i will be staying here for at least another 6 weeks withe my same comp Elder Nielsen but we are now going to be in a new district most likely with the CAMPUS missionaries!!!!!! so everything is going pretty great the work is hard but it is awesome the people are unique but we love them and overall we are just killing it out here in Chelsea Michigan, there aint much else to it.

Much love from,
Elder Whiting

Am I back in AZ?? – Feb 20th 2017




this week went great for the most part smooth sailings and all besides Wednesday that day my comp was throwing up like a volcano so we had to stay in which became very boring but it was still awesome. some of the highlights of the week was new missionary training where i saw my old mtc comp and some sisters from my district and got some helpful instruction from our mission president it was awesome and left me motivated to get back out on the streets to be told no some more, but each no is one no closer to a YES! We also had stake conference this week which was awesome and also helped me a lot. but the best part of my week is just being able to visit our investigators they are so awesome and we are basically like family im so excited they are getting baptized this upcoming Saturday.  otherwise the week was pretty basic walking around, goofing off a little having fun but still being 100% (probably only 99%) mission focused. but back to the the subject like literally the subject of this email i thought i was in AZ with this 60 degree weather we have had this week and there is a sun here its crazy i know but it does exist. so everything went swell im doing just peachy and having a great time loving everyday. peace ot with much love from Chelsea Michigan

Elder Whiting

Spent some time drawing while his companion was sick

Bom Socks
Camera selfie

Let it rain, Let it pour, I don’t like rain anymore !! Feb 13, 2017




well this week was wild but not much really happened. This week started out with us playing basketball for like 4 hours last pday and probably the same again today. Then basically Tuesday through Thursday we walked the streets of Chelsea looking for people, one day it rained the entire day and despicably on us like i was soaked from head to toe and it was freezing but still one of the warmest days all week, but that was followed up by the next day being like 15 degrees with strong winds but I did see the sun for the first time so that was awesome. I was really starting to believe there is just no sun in Michigan. We met some really cool people and we went on exchanges for the third weekend in a row,  its always great to go up to Brighton there is always way more people to talk to. So most of the fun happens up there well at least this week, we went over to a members house and played with puppies well we went over for dinner but the puppies were definitely more important. Then we walked main street talked to people someone actually listened to me, so we were just walking down the street and my comp turns to me and says the next ones yours and i’m like awwhh crap i’m still not very good at talking to people randomly on the street so we start walking and this attractive girl walks out of this restaurant and i’m like crap that is kind of intimidating, so i stop her and share my message and we ask if we could some time share more and she was like sure, so i was all in shock because no one has ever told me yes they always make up an excuse or just flat out shut me down and so we legit met with her the next day. But the sad part of the story is she lives in Detroit so she isn’t our investigator but hopefully she continues to take the discussions. then we ended our transfer and went back to Chelsea where we met with our investigators john and afife and they are still doing so good and on track to be baptized at the end of the month. so Sunday rolls along like normal but we decided to make it Sunday funday and play some mini golf in the apartment when we were getting ready for bed that was super fun. Well that was basically a really shortened version of my week it was pretty awesome oh and we volunteered at a retirement home so that was chill. This week was great and what i really got out of it was just to continue to try none of us are perfect we just have to keep trying the lord will do the rest.

i don’t think Michigan has a sun! Feb 6, 2017


this week was really fast and hard to remember what all i happened but i will do my best, so this week started out with a snow storm and some cold weather and with our only investigators still being really sick. this lead to us trudging around Chelsea most of the first week in about 20 degree weather but its the wind that gets you, it literally pierces you. so walking around became ineffective because no one else was walking outside so we took an icicle and played hockey slash soccer with it to pass time which turned out being really fun. we have a good time walking around trying to find people that will listen or that we can talk to but it gets kinda hard they dont understand we are just trying to help them but ill just keep trying and just keep smiling because even though Michigan has no sun i got sunshine in my sole everyday. but the week got better when we were able to go help and do service for the community they hosted a huge thing for all the in need and less fortunate people in the area to go to. we were able to just help in little ways to brighten their day it was really awesome i know that we changed some of those peoples lives now only if they would have let me share a message about our savior i could have really changed it. we also went on exchanges again this week which are always fun and i learned what it was like to be with a different kind of companion basically i was in charge which was fun but kinda hard especially because we were in his area but it was awesome.then we headed back and taught our Turkish investigators which was awesome as always and they are going to baptized at the end of the month!!! i cant wait then they came to church with us and it was fast Sunday (so i was starving and it was long but that is besides the point) the members that are really helping us out with them went up and bore there testimonies. so this week went great!!!
Much love
Elder Whiting

1 Month down – Jan 30, 2017

whats up!!

sorry this week will be short, im running low on time, we had a busy week but not in Chelsea. We had a worldwide mission broadcast, zone conference which was at the university of Michigan so of course i had to visit the big house, then we had exchanges. so we were out an about alot and our only investigators were sick with pneumonia.
 i had a great week i have learned a lot and am officially been out over a month that is crazy it has been the slowest hardest thing yet one of the fastest craziest things i have ever done. the best thing is meeting some really interesting people some even want to argue with you or are just kinda weird and want to tell you they are “f****** outstanding” but those people are pretty cool. i also was able walk in a snow storm for 2 hours but it gave me amazing frosted tips.
everything is just peachy in Chelsea Michigan, i have learned that my savior is my constant companion and through all things he will guide and help us. in no way has this mission been easy but it has definitely worth but is so hard and tiring but i love it because i grow in my testimony and who i am everyday. now its time to get back to work.
Much Love,
Elder Whiting

Jan 23, 2017- I thought I was called to Michigan not Turkey.


Last pictures from the compound (MTC)

JAN 23, 2017

Whats up!!! why did i leave the compound i actually miss that place were the food was provided and you already had everything planned and there was tons of people to talk to. Well to start this week i packed up my bags and left the MTC, a place where i made a lot of friends and will always remember, the district i had was amazing and so was my companion. But it is off to where the lord wants me so i jumped on the plane i flew out to what i thought was Michigan, so we go to the mission presidents house for the first night and relax a little because the next day we get our new comps. so i show up to transfers and get my comp and our area is Chelsea this town maybe has 5 thousand people and is the farthest west you can go in our mission so it took me a little by surprise i thought i was going to be in Detroit but instead i’m about a hour and a half west in a rural town. so there’s not much out here but not to bad it reminds me of Alamosa. so we walk up and down the streets of Chelsea a lot but no one really likes talking to us but we have had some awesome experiences.  So now we get why i brought up turkey we have an investigator that speaks only Turkish and so since the day i have been here i have kinda taken a crash course in Turkish it’s actually pretty cool but extremely difficult, but i know the spirit does the teaching because i asked her to be baptized in Turkish, totally butchered it but she said yes and her and her son set the date to be baptized on February 25th a little over a month from today. so this week has been awesome crazy, hard, trying, tiring, but most of all worth it there is no place i would rather be because i know this is exactly where my heavenly father wants me to be.

Much love,
Elder Whiting

Jan 16th, Detroit bound!

Zane and about 70 other missionaries were up at 2:30 getting ready to head to the airport and fly to their next adventure.  I was up at 4:30 thinking I would miss his call.  He was able to call around 6:00 am, before he boarded his flight to Detroit.  He sounded amazing no fear in his voice just confidence that this is what he was suppose to be doing.  It was great to hear his voice and know that he was well.  We talked for about half and hour then it was time for him to go.  Surprisingly I was ok.  I know that the Lord is with him and that he will be blessed as he serves the people of Detroit.  God speed my son.  We love you!

His letter after he got there.

So i made it to the mission home and meet president and sister Cleveland. Looks like the next adventure is starting its time to go to work. The quote there is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone is so true just as i got used to the MTC it was time to go and it was kinda hard but its now or never. The start of a new chapter lets see what the story holds. Detroit what’s next. Love you guys so much its time to see what i can do hopefully i can bring people to Christ.
Much love

Elder Whiting


Can’t wait to hear about his first week in Detroit.