January 22nd 2018

so overall this week was sub par besides interviews with president which went fantastic! but things are going as good kinda frustrating a times no joke its tough hitting the hump i feel like dad old but not quite an old fart.
WORK OUTS ARE GREAT! sad but sometimes the highlight of my day, dad isn’t that old i’m over 50 in mission life but everyone tries to make it to a 100 out here. President was just very reassuring that the lord is pleased with what i’m doing even though sometimes i think i’m not so good or get frustrated or irritated with how things go. it was subpar because we had a lot of potential success fall through especially for the month of January and i’m just kinda disappointed but we set a goal to baptize this weekend but we have no one on date right now so we need a miracle.
They got to go to the international car show so there are lots of pictures this week.  I told him at least they chose a girl that was dressed nicely to get a picture with.  He said it was kind of funny because she is a member and from Salt Lake City and was so happy to see the missionaries.

Jan 15th 2018



hey mom

Our week was good just a little slow but thats alright a little warmer but its dropping again so… we did get the groceries i was there and got them from her so it was good. im feeling ok real tired but its the usual on the mish.
i  might need better socks but my toes weren’t as bad this week. the investigators are doing good and we are working on a few things but it looks promising, and unfortunately Deangelo couldn’t make it to church this Sunday.
i did get the package the cookies weren’t to hard.  tender mercies one that i havent gone crazy um and this less active we are working with coming back to church is already reading 2 hours from the book of mormon a day and one of our investigators got the ok to walk on his boot which he hasnt been able to for like 3 months.
Some more pictures of the cold.

January 8th – Freezing like a popsicle

i was a frozen Popsicle this week man the high was like 10 before today jumped back up to 30, we had a relatively good week and stayed pretty busy so thats all i can ask we did bike in the snow but im not as sore as i was but the workouts have been going good. our investigators are great but have been going through some tough making tings a little tough but i love em. i didnt eat at any members home this week but its ok our apartment is warmish and we do alright at night. all the elders are doing pretty good and nobody is sick so thats fantastic! the best part of the week was Deangelo coming to church it was awesome  AND BIGGEST BUMMER WAS LOSING FEELING IN MY TOES. sound like a crazy week but thats awesome. love ya
We were freezing is was -3 one day.  (Look at the frost on his eyelashes on the one where he is working out. )
Only 32 degrees so why would he need a jacket or anything.  It was warm outside he said.

January 2nd 2017- 1 year mark

hey mom how are you? its great to start a new year, i have some goals to help 10 people be baptized and read the bom everyday and get back in shape. the week was good but it is super cold but thats alright we met lots of cool people. our investigators are doing well we have 2 who are working towards baptism this month i did get the packages thanks so much im super sore the workouts have been kicking my butt, i did get the groceries, this weeks plans is to help our investigators as much as possible. Elder Cook is doing well i love the kid  but we re doing good. we have the giraffe in the yard now! also i burned my shirt for the 1 year..


 Working out .

1 year down 1 year to go.  It is all down hill from here.

December 26th 2017

hey mom

it was great seeing you yesterday and winter has been brutal it is like 5 degrees right now, the stuff was great the extra blanket saved me last night and its awesome it was super weird being out here it didnt feel like christmas at all but it was great!
it was super weird talking to you guys it felt like i was in the living room,
love ya lots.
A little cold in Michigan.  This is the blanket we got for him for Christmas he said it saved him Christmas because it was so cold.


The best Christmas gift ever is when you get to talk to your missionary.   We were all here and were able to talk to him for a little over an hour.  It was just like having him here sitting in the living room.  I am so grateful that the Lord allows us to have that little bit of time with them.


Eating with Sis Murray, she is the best.


Christmas at a members home.  Zane was an angel in the nativity.  I am so grateful for the members in Michigan.  It makes my heart happy to know that he was taken care of.

December 17th 2017

hey mom love ya lots im excited to skype to transfer news comes tonight so im hoping i stay or maybe get sent out by uncle Clint and visit him for Christmas otherwise i dont want to leave. but we do get to text you info if we get transferred but as of now im feeling better a little congested but good, we got lots of snow but its melting today because we got rain i got all the packages and pizza but no groceries were left  so im not sure but this week was good we had another baptism and have been having a blast

Twelve mile bike ride in the snow then they made snow angels.


Twelve day of Christmas socks.



December 11, 2017

hey mom this week was good lots of craziness the snow started falling and so did my health i haven’t been feeling to well the last few days but its great we have 1 to 2 inches on the ground right now and still snowing but are car broke down again so… she did show up to her confirmation so all is good and have been able to get some new investigators and see some crazy cool miracles and are planning a baptism for this week so all is good just not feeling to well. weight lifting is going decent bike riding stinks in the cold and the ice is very slippery and stinks cause im sick. elder cook is doing good and im not to sure about transfers im just hoping im staying.


Letter to everyone (he doesn’t do this every week probably just the same stuff going on)

Whats up!

 This week was crazy filled with lots of cold weather and snow that is finally sticking and of course the great Christmas spirit! we did lots of work helping our investigators take steps towards baptism and it has been a blast! we also went tracting/caroling it was fun but we didn’t always get the warmest reception im guessing it was probably because of my voice but all together it was a pretty great week and i am seeing so many miracles and definitely blessed!
Hopefully you all are having a great holiday season and best wishes from East Detroit!
Elder Whiting

December 4th 2017

hey mom,

everything is going good this week we had a good time no Christmas party though??? i did get the package thank you so much and the groceries elder Austin said thanks. it actually isnt really that cold we have been in the 50s all December so far crazy because we had 20 throughout November. we are doing good and had a baptism but she didnt show up to confirmation so… we are working on it, i did watch the Christmas devotional it was quite short but good president uchtdorfs was my favorite. my clothes keep me mostly warm but it hasnt been to bad the last week. i did get the garments and i think i am good for now. this week was busy busy busy we got lots of new investigators and put a bunch on date so it was good we also had exchanges and interviews with president. we do use the light the world we share pass along cards about it and try to do the best we can to spread the message. your week sounds busy and exciting love ya lots.
He apologized for writing in all caps.  Then when I asked if his apartment was warm and if he wore his beanie, he said apartment is ok and I don’t wear my
beanie because they are ugly.

November 26th 2017

im doing good, this week was a little rough but its ok i did end up eating at multiple places, and i did play a little football, the weather is about 40 everyday. Elder Cook is ok but unfortunately i have been very irritated with him lately, the other elders are doing good! are investigators are doing good and one has a baptismal date for this upcoming Saturday. the single lady was the daughter of our ward mission leader. sounds like an awesome thanksgiving and you ran under an hour which is great. love ya
After asking what was going on he replied
its just been a little slow we are working with lots of awesome people and do good stuff but i just have lost some fire or just seem a little burnt out basically im just being ungrateful for all the miracles i am seeing, and today is one of the few days on my mission i wish i was back home. Elder Cook is fine we just function very differently he has actually improved a lot in the last few weeks but it just seems we are always working in opposite directions, im really just being a turd and dont know how to change it. food was great for thanksgiving didnt eat anything weird or seemed weird to me you probably would have thought it was weird because i didnt just eat meat and bread would have shocked you all!  just he district a little 3 on 3 i miss it but i dont know if i will ever get back in good enough shape again my body doesn’t seem to be a big fan of me lately.
yeah but it is crazy i can list so many things i am grateful for i dont ever think i have been able to recognize all the blessing i have i just feel i take advantage of them to much or dont respect it, i see more miracles and the lords hand each day then i did probably most my life it is amazing to be out here but right now im getting my butt kicked with frustration.
At the end of the email he sounded much better.  This just shows that all missionaries have moments where they feel like they are not doing all they can.  Satan is fighting hard to make people feel like failures.  However we are on the Lord’s side and he is there cheering us on everyday.  This was his first Holiday away from home and it was hard on both of us.