Roseville Michigan Aug 21, 2017

Elder Whiting is now serving in Roseville Michigan.  He is training again and is in an apartment with another set of Elders.  He said this is an adjustment but will keep on doing what the Lord needs him to do.  The area he left had some investigators on date for baptism and he was blessed to come into an area that also had investigators set to be baptized.  The Lord knows what we need and how to help us grow.  His pictures are from the last week he was in Southfield across the Lake is Downtown Detroit.


New Address –

Elder Zane Whiting

27350 Wentworth Dr.

Roseville Michigan 48066



Aug 14th 2017

SO… this week had lots of ups and lots of great things going on we were able to end up withe 3 people having a baptismal date and did a lot of service which has become like my favorite thing, so we got to help this guy named sparrow pick up glass for about an hour because some one stole about 19 of his windows he had in storage but they just wanted the frames so they broke all the glass. then we helped him spread dirt for his garlic plants i didn’t know they had farms in downtown Detroit but they do. it has been a lot of fun but unfortunately my run with Elder Amoah is up and we are both leaving Southfield so on to new things and to new people but this place and people were definitely awesome so that is about it peace out from Southfield!

Elder Whiting

His district and then him and Elder Amoah rockin the ties we sent him for Jackie’s wedding.  She got married on Aug 12th.  We knew he was there in spirit and Flat Zane was there hanging out with us.

July 31st 2017

Not much going on with Elder Whiting this week.  He had to stay in so they didn’t get to do anything.  He is feeling a lot better, still a little sore but the headaches are going away.  The doctor was worried about his blood pressure but seems to have that under control.  Missions are hard and all the things they learn while they are out are amazing.  I am so grateful for the blessings we all receive as Zane serves our Heavenly Father.

Aug 7th, 2017 – It’s been a minute


SO i have been awful at keeping track of whats going on but a lot has, we were able to go do service in Detroit at a thing called life remodeled, where we did landscaping and picking up trash and debris in Detroit where houses have been abandon, it was super fun and a great way to help out the community. then of course we were on our missionary grind finding teaching and trying to baptize. We meet tons of amazing people and have tons of fun in the process. we always seem to be going 100 mph everywhere trying to do so much but also not actually doing to much its the perfect balance. but we did meet a lady last night that basically wanted me to sell her a house in Arizona like where is the best place to move and all this so you know i told her the QC and then she responded i dont want be the only who looks like this i need a little diversity, so i guess she got me… then of course we meet all those people who dont want to talk to us and the ones who do we are teaching a bunch of awesome people who just want to get closer to their Savior which is awesome. so i hope all of you are doing well and dont be afraid to hit me up i love letters;) have a great week from Southfield Michigan!
MUCH LOVE, Elder Whiting

July 24th – All I have is two things

Mom i found this really sweet suit and I crashed my bike.  So then the conversation went like this.  Are you ok?   Send me a picture.

A little banged up and a headache but he seemed to be ok.  The nurse of the mission got hold of me later that day and had him go in for a CT scan to make sure he didn’t have a concussion, which he did have.  They put him on rest at his apartment for the week.  He was going stir crazy so they let him go into the office and help.  I asked him how it happened and he explained he was going home that night, it was dark.  They were riding down a hill probably going around 20 mph.  He hit a curb the front tire deflated and the back rim got bent.  He flew off and hit the ground.  He is so lucky that he didn’t get hurt worse than he did.  Now it is just time to recover. I am so grateful for the angels that were watching over him that night.   This was the letter for everyone and yes he did get the suit.


whats up,
so this week lots of stuff has been going on so much that friday night while biking i decided to really think about it , as i did my mind seemed to take flight as well as my body and the next thing you know it hit me and it was the ground so…. yeah i crashed my bike but all is well it was a great week besides that. we were able to have 3 investigators at sacrament and talk to tons of people i also had someone tell me i remind them of john f kennedy so yeah lots of fun things meeting alot of cool people and trying my best to push forward the work. love and miss all of ya

July 17th 2017

Zane didn’t have a lot to say this week but sent some pictures.


I love the murals that are painted in downtown Detroit.  He said they are by a place that they do service at.

All I can say is President Uchtdorf — July 10, 2017


 so this week was really good a lot of good things happened and i am having a blast! so as my subject says President Uchtodrf yes he came and visited the mission and it was amazing like nothing beats it so basically cant remember to much else that happened this week because  that was so awesome. we are doing some amazing stuff out here though and met some amazing people me and elder Amoah are having a good time. Happy 4th to everyone we didn’t really do anything but everyday according to president Uchtdorf should be our own independence day so that is sweet. the mission is starting to fly by and i am learning so much hope you are all doing great and would love to hear from you and always remember your savior loves you.
Peace out from Southfield Michigan,
Elder whiting
Fourth of July

June 26 2017 – 6 Months strong


my week has been really good, our investigators are doing ok trying are best to help them, our new convert is good still has his struggles but good, no it doesn’t get to hot maybe 90 but today its been really nice. cooking has been alright not to much we made meatball subs and pork and tacos and lots of stuff so all is good.  ok i’ll look for the packages. the best thing probably our investigator earl, worst messing up my gears on my bike nothing to crazy happen at least that i can remember, im feeling alright just a little tired, sounds like a good week back home hope everything keeps going well and yup 6 months strong
He found Coach Adams on mormon message.  He also went with his district to the zoo.

June 19th 2017 — Baptism


this week was a blast and we had a ton of stuff going on, we were really all over the place, lots of good things. so the week started with us visiting lots of members and then to exchanges with some elders in our district that was pretty cool, then are wild Wednesdays in this area where it seems to always be go go go but we accomplished a lot. then we had lots of good stuff going on getting Damien ready for his baptism, then he was baptized on Saturday it went great and was awesome to be a part of then we balled him up and some other guys there in a 3 on 3 in our suits no that was pretty fun then of course Sunday was great and the whole week  really. lots of excitement and hard work going on pedaling are backs as fast as we can all over the place and talking to everybody, good things are happening and we have a good time a funny story from this week we were teaching a guy and he was asking a ton of questions and we were doing are best to answer but he was just kinda stuck on blacks in the church and so we leave and my comp turns to me and says “i dont think he acknowledged that i was black” i died laughing so that was a good time i wish you all the best and would love to hear from all of you as time just keeps flying along. and happy fathers day to all the dads and future dads as for me the grind continues.
much love,
Elder Whiting

June 12th, 2017 — chillaxin in the hammock

Another week without a letter to everyone.  He did say this though.  He also got to go to the Zoo.

ok love you lots im not gonna be able to write a long post but this week was crazy we were able to do lots got caught in a rain storm out of no where went to the zoo  chill laxed in my hammock and did all we could to try and help people come to Christ that was my week in a nut shell love ya and miss ya

Elder Whiting
I guess it is a good thing that he doesn’t have time to write much.  That means he is doing the Lord’s work.