Oct 27th 2018

So I had an accident… well here in Toledo we have some pretty narrow streets yet people love to still park or try to park on the sides so… I was driving and trying to find an address so I was looking at the houses and drifted over a bit and then I was about 10 ft from a parked car so I tried to adjust back to the other side of the lane and I hit the back left corner of there car. I’m feeling fine so that’s all good, I haven’t lost any driving privileges yet at least but I have to go to court this week on thursday but I really don’t know what for so we will see. Our vehicle is pretty banged up but still drivable there’s was fine really. The rest of the week went pretty good we stayed busy and stuff we are working with some cool people especially this family so I am excited! Training is really weird this time preparing to go home and he is just starting out also just trying to help him understand all the things I have learned it’s just tough but it’s going well! Sounds like football had some real ups able some real downs but it’s good to hear. Love ya


Oct 14th 2018

Toledo is great not exactly Detroit so it different but it is great! Transfers are at Southfield we just drove to Roseville to snag some food! My comp is good his name is Elder Cheney he is from a small town outside of boise in Idaho. Presley lives like 30 minutes south we actually attended a baptism at his building on Sunday but my district leader is in his ward so we will go down there but we could hang out if he has a Monday off hopefully. Best thing was we have a baptism next week so that’s awesome the worst is saying bye to everyone. We have a truck but we still bike too! And I am going to start running more but I have been trying to get 200 push ups in every morning but one thing weird is my knee has been hurting but all is good! Wow sounds like a lot December is going to be crazy but I am excited to go for It!

Oct 8th 2018

Hey Mom

My birthday was great thanks so much for the  cake it was fantastic! This week consisted of some important meetings and working with people so they could watch conference overall it was pretty good! This man named McCoy is a miracle he recently moved here from the bahamas were his brother was recently baptized and he is super dope. I dont know if i could pick a specific talk but my favorite session was saturday morning. We watched conference at ron and ashleys, presidents and the church. Randel and Mea need some prayers they started living the word of wisdom and its been tough. So im getting transferred and im heading down to toledo. So we will see what adventure is in store. But all is well.  Well i am very excited to just be a missionary  and i will be training, but i will miss being able to help out im exhausted and ready to go but man i have i love my time serving here and with president

October 1 2018

Im doing great and living it up we have been all over the place this week with meetings but we still have been working with some amazing people! Its been such a blessing some of them are Randal and Mea please pray for them satan is trying to throw everything at them! Also we are working with some other really dope people! Also we had our new missionary training this week which went amazing i love the fire the new missionaries have its crazy to think that its been a long time since that was me but that was great! The weather is starting to get pretty cold we have been in the 50s all week and its been pretty rainy but it is actually really nice! Um i have worked out a little here and there but definitely need to be more consistent my body feels good for the most part besides my knees they have been hurting but also i have been breaking out when i exercise no real hives just real red and itchy and its been the worst on my face. I did get the package the cookies weren’t bad but tasted a little off bit its okay and jackies note was crazy wild that is super exciting!!! Otherwise not to much going on just trying to do what i need to!!! I’m excited for general conference and i possibly could be going to a new area at transfers so it is a busy time.

Sept 24th 2018

Hey mom sorry we have been out and about but this week was great we have been pretty busy and today we came and visited u of m and i took my unofficial visit. Our investigators are doing great we have just met a couple of them Saturday but they are doing great! Ron and Ashley are fantastic. We have been busy but nothing to crazy just working hard or trying. The only real crazy thing is i only have 12 weeks left. Sound like things are going well back home! And i haven’t got the package yet but its in the office.

Sept 17th 2018

So we are trying to get it down to 1 or 2 emails so everyone isnt messaging back and forth all day because its been a distraction for the mission. This week was good we spent mostvof our week with Elder Dyches a visiting general authority so that was pretty cool lots of revelation recieved it was great to meet him.

The ohio area is doing well they are finally adjusted and fully intergrated into the mission
Um we havnt had to do anything super crazy for president but just helping him out with meetings and etc. The Simmons are doing great Tony is working to get a better work schedule to come to church more frequent but they are great! And i havent been feeling well i came down with some crap, but i have been taking stuff.
So for school i still want to study exercisce science and kinesology so.. if thats the same as sports medicine then yes. And if possible maybe a few courses in business maybe… not sure yet.
Sounds like a good week! Im not sure if we need anything, wait i could use some hair product. Hmm and otherwise in not sure. Love ya lots

Sept 9th 2018


Hey Mom things are going well, ohio was good it is about a 3 hour drive. Best thing that happened this week??? Would have to be this dope referral we recieved he is super prepared!!! Ron and Ashley are doing great! It has actually been really cold and rainy.and everything has been going well!


Sept 2 2018

Hey Mom, things are great! So it RON and Ashley and they are doing awesome! We did find some new investigators which was great! No trip to Ohio until tomorrow. Overall though things are going great! I have been having a hard time finding time to exercise but its okay otherwise everything has been a worldwind of things so i’m not really sure just livin life.

We were fishing off of a Dam and it was catch and release because the water not safe…