July 9th 2018

Hey Mom,

This week has been good and super busy its crazy! We finishedbup are meetings in ohio monday came back for training with new missionaries tuesday took are actual pday thursday and then had a leadership meeting friday and still saw tons of miracles in our area in between! Im not sure what picture sister Cleveland sent.. but it has been pretty warm but nothing like walking into a oven more like a steam room… we played a little basketball on the hottest day of the year it was like 97. But all is well and we are having a blast!
One of the miracles was we got Tony to the temple.

July 1, 2018


Hey Mom,
Yesterday’s meeting in Ohio went great we are actually heading down right now as well to meet everyone it’s super crazy! That’s awesome you were able to help out! It has been a little warmer even hot sometimes which I never thought would happen. So this week was filled with meetings but we had one open day and we went on exchange. Any other crazy stuff… probably just all the people we are teaching disappearing like I swear they are gone but it’s okay we will find new ones. I have not checked the screw yet we have been real busy. Something real cool though is I talked to some sisters in Ohio yesterday and they said they knew Presley Motes so that was pretty cool! Sounds like all is going well back home love ya!
Spent some time in Cleveland getting the new part of the mission trained. This banner was tore down the next day due to LeBron moving to the LA Lakers.

June 24th, 2018

Hey Mom,

This week was good! We had lots going on and have been crazy busy! Like all over the place but its all good we are doing well just super tired and stuff but Will and Amy are doing great unfortunately we are no longer working with Elijah but thats okay it just wasnt his time yet. We havent had anything to crazy just prepping for ohio and so on, but we do of course meet crazy people everyday so its been a blast! Wow it sounds like a lot of things going on back home let me know if i can help!
We were in the paper!!. 

June 17, 2018

Hey Mom!

This week was great and the baptism for Will and Amy was fantastic! Elijah is one of our other investigators and he is doing well and working towards baptism at the end of the month. Yeah its warming up quite nicely out here we have been in the 90s so… i havent got them fixed yet. And i will send you a picture of it. Um today we are going to play some street ball and stuff and lets see Elder jensen is doing fine and we worked out a little this week and played some football! I havent had much time to think about schools so not to sure. Ups and downs of this week were the baptism and then being exhausted. Wow that sounds like a crazy week! Love ya lots
Pictures of Will and Amy.
I got to ride a horse or at least sit on one.  The horse belonged to a man just riding down the street in Detroit.

June 10th 2018

Hey Mom all is well and this week has been pretty good! We have 2 investigators still planning on baptism this weekend and one for the following week so its good! The weather has been nice but we have had lots of rain. we did get the groceries and a pork it was great! This week consists of us prepping transfers and making sure that went well and it did, then we some teaching appointments and so on but mostly just tiring missionary work. I haven’t thought to much about schools but to open it up more we could look at schools in California as well i was talking to president and he said there are some good Ysa wards around there so we will see. The best thing this week had to be the tracting it was a blast the worst thing this week has to be not all the people we expected came to church. But overall all is good. That is so crazy you ran a marathon! Sounds like a blast, love ya


So this just happened, My pants tore while I was squatting.

June 4, 2018


Hey Mom,

This week was good and time is flying bye, the simmons are great and Sara did speak at the Devotional it went great besides for the fact i had to conduct it. The weather is great we have been in the 90s. The hives are touch and go but things ate well we have some solid investigators and Will and Amy are working towards baptism on the 16th. We made it football Saturday this week because we had stuff Friday.
 It was good my leg felt a little off but nothing to bad. Transfers are this week and AP stuff has just been crazy we are busy like all the time. Worst thing this week was being so tired. And best was all the people who came to church.
As for all that legal stuff im not sure i havent been thinking about it to much so im not sure, but any info you can get will be fine im not sure what you need me to do.
Otherwise this week was good and love ya
(Love these pictures he sends)

May 28, 2018

what’s good mama,

Im doing good its been a pretty good week we had zone conference and 2 exchanges so we have been pretty busy! We have picked up some sweet new investigators so would you pray for Will and Amy they are on date to be baptized this upcoming month also keep our other investigators in your prayers they arent on date right now some tuff stuff is going on and they need all the prayers they can get! Also how is uncle clint and the family? Sounds like good stuff going on back at home and that is super cool you are ready for a marathon.  I have been feeling okay a little sore from doing sprints and running routes friday we basically have football fridays. Love ya.
Capture the flag with the zone.

May 21st 2018 –

Hey Mom, all is well we were just playing some B Ball but all is going well and the week was super busy but really good lots ups and downs but lots of miracles! We got the groceries they were great we got a steaks but not sure how to cook them. I have worked out a few times went out and ran some routes and stuff but things are good sounds like life back home is great exciting times!
(There is a company that delivers groceries so about once a month I order groceries and have them delivered at their apartment. )
Oh ps our mission is expnading and we are adding part of ohio.  We are getting a part of Cleveland and Toledo areas.
(This weeks email wasn’t very long nor did he say alot but he is busy and working hard.  Also there was no pictures this week)

May 14th 2018 – Mothers Day

Mother’s Day – We got to talk with Zane for about 2 hours.  He was doing great.  He looked wonderful and it was the best talking to him.

His email the next day .


It wad great talking to ya yesterday hopefully you had the best Mothers day ever! That is super cool Eben flew down also we made it to the appointment with both the families that night so we are good they both went well one was veto and latrice they still want to be baptized this weekend but we have to help them overcome a few things but that was good and then the other family went well.
A great surprise was Zane got to have lunch with his Uncle Clint.
Also a storm blew thru and this was a picture at a gas station where the roof had blown over.  They also did some service and went and cleaned up the rain.  Detroit has some amazing paintings.

The Simmons Family

I had posted a video of missionaries coming home and Sis Sara Simmons commented on the post.  She is Zane’s recent convert.  Her whole family got baptized and have been preparing to go to the temple.

This was Sara’s comment,

As a new LDS member…because of meeting some amazing missionaries, one being your son Darcey Whiting and another being your son Katie Peterson, as well as others, I cried because we are so blessed to have them but when they actually go home we will be so excited. They miss their families so much and they work so hard and are such great people. We are so thankful to all of you wonderful people who raised these young men and young women and share them with us. My husband, myself, and my three daughters were living in a life of just existing. The way of the world and some of the people in it just had us so beaten. One night two young men knocked on our door. It was cold and dark and snowing. They had Elder name tags on and I knew a little about Elders so I invited them in to get warm. They were great young men but it was transfer week and they were leaving and we were introduced to Cole Peterson and Zane Whiting who took over from there. They worked with us and taught us and had patience with us. They invited us to a baptism and to church and answered a million questions. They helped us learn the truth and find joy in life again. They helped us become part of our Ward and helped us feel like we matter. Our faith in people was restored and our family stepped into the light again. We thank our Heavenly Father everyday for the missionaries. They change lives. They helped my family become more of a family and less like five people living in the same house. Sorry for the long post, I just want everyone of you to know how blessed people in this world are because of YOUR CHILDREN!!! Also know that we love them too.

She is amazing and I am so grateful that Zane has been able to spend time with them as they continue their conversion.