Dec 10th 2018

I guess this is it! I spent the day going by some places in Detroit and stuff! This is pretty bitter sweet I love this place mom but I am ready to see you guys love ya so much!

Dec 2nd 2017

This week was good and we spent a lot of time biking and just trying to minister to everyone in Toledo! Our investigators are doing well it’s kinda hard telling some people I am leaving but it’s good! The Christmas devotional was good we watched it at the church! It has been snowing and raining so nothing really sticking but that is suppose to change this weekend. To start the light the world campaign we assisted in a toy a thon! I am feeling good and just enjoying the time I have left out here.

Nov 25th 2018

Things are going good this week was pretty good I did play in a Turkey bowl it was so fun. Otherwise we have just been trying to do some missionary work and not get in the way of the Michigan and Ohio state rivalry it’s pretty big here in Toledo. We are biking now the truck is in the shop and we have light snow/ rain and 30 to 40 degrees so not the coldest but the worst. But all is well!

November 19th 2018

This week has been good and I am pumped for Thanksgiving we do have someone having us over for dinner and we get fed alot better here than most places! We did get some snow just light dusting both times and things are going well just living the dream! The ward is huge and bishop is great. Happy Thanksgiving

Nov 12, 2018

This week was very exciting we were booming at the beginning of the week but basically it all came crashing down Saturday and Sunday with the appointments falling through and no one coming to church. It’s just crazy how much satan does to distract people and how much crap is in the world. We just gotta keep loving these people because man they are going through some hard times. We got some light snow and we got down to 21 degrees so a little chilly. Seeing Presley was good we are trying to find a time I can have him throw me some routes. The Green chili burritos were great! Our investigators haven’t really wanted to investigate to much just kinda look around once or twice but some of them are just going through some rough times. I worked out some this week i even went and ran 1.5 miles. Sounds like things are good, and that is super cool papa meet elder Mortensen I love that guy.

Oct 27th 2018

So I had an accident… well here in Toledo we have some pretty narrow streets yet people love to still park or try to park on the sides so… I was driving and trying to find an address so I was looking at the houses and drifted over a bit and then I was about 10 ft from a parked car so I tried to adjust back to the other side of the lane and I hit the back left corner of there car. I’m feeling fine so that’s all good, I haven’t lost any driving privileges yet at least but I have to go to court this week on thursday but I really don’t know what for so we will see. Our vehicle is pretty banged up but still drivable there’s was fine really. The rest of the week went pretty good we stayed busy and stuff we are working with some cool people especially this family so I am excited! Training is really weird this time preparing to go home and he is just starting out also just trying to help him understand all the things I have learned it’s just tough but it’s going well! Sounds like football had some real ups able some real downs but it’s good to hear. Love ya


Oct 14th 2018

Toledo is great not exactly Detroit so it different but it is great! Transfers are at Southfield we just drove to Roseville to snag some food! My comp is good his name is Elder Cheney he is from a small town outside of boise in Idaho. Presley lives like 30 minutes south we actually attended a baptism at his building on Sunday but my district leader is in his ward so we will go down there but we could hang out if he has a Monday off hopefully. Best thing was we have a baptism next week so that’s awesome the worst is saying bye to everyone. We have a truck but we still bike too! And I am going to start running more but I have been trying to get 200 push ups in every morning but one thing weird is my knee has been hurting but all is good! Wow sounds like a lot December is going to be crazy but I am excited to go for It!

Oct 8th 2018

Hey Mom

My birthday was great thanks so much for the  cake it was fantastic! This week consisted of some important meetings and working with people so they could watch conference overall it was pretty good! This man named McCoy is a miracle he recently moved here from the bahamas were his brother was recently baptized and he is super dope. I dont know if i could pick a specific talk but my favorite session was saturday morning. We watched conference at ron and ashleys, presidents and the church. Randel and Mea need some prayers they started living the word of wisdom and its been tough. So im getting transferred and im heading down to toledo. So we will see what adventure is in store. But all is well.  Well i am very excited to just be a missionary  and i will be training, but i will miss being able to help out im exhausted and ready to go but man i have i love my time serving here and with president